anyone installed IE9?

I did and it was a disaster.


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I installed the betas and recently updated to the RTM. No unusual problems

haven't got around to but probably should.
it is really just an update isn't it? :confused:

I did not know that I should have checked for registry errors before I installed Explorer 9. Would it accomplish anything if I check registry errors after I have installed Explorer 9?

Frankly, I have not noticed any problems; except (and this might be a big one), Windows notifies me in the Task Bar that "New Updates are available". "Two Important and 39 Optional". These updates affect mostly "Windows 7".

I have not installed these Updates. Any comments?

:pI always get the important updates on everything :p

I have iinstalled it and works ok. On windows 7 ultimate, Spanish language.

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:l:great then it should work in English too:l:

:pI always get the important updates on everything :p
I usually install these too; but, I did not receive the update notice before.

"I did not know that I should have checked for registry errors before I installed Explorer 9.
Would it accomplish anything if I check registry errors after I have installed Explorer 9?"

Since I did not check for registry errors before I installed "Explorer 9", how do I go back and fix this? I really don't want to do a "Restore", because I've had many entries since I installed Explorer 9.

I am having a few problems, but I don't know if they are related to Windows Explorer.

I installed IE9 as an "important update to Win 7 yesterday and here"s what happened:

Glitch in Internet Explorer 9
Yesterday I got a message through, “Windows Update” that there was an important update for Windows 7, i.e. Windows Internet explorer 9. So I successfully downloaded and installed it.
Since then when I go to Comcast Community Forums (where I post 15 or so times a day, I find that I cannot post at all. I cannot highlight text or change fonts or any other aspect of the text, nor can I post it. In all cases I get an inane message from “Windows Internet Explorer” that gives me two choices:
Are you sure you want to leave this page? (Unsaved information will be lost)
Stay on Page.
As I say, whichever one I pick, leads to inability to use the forum, manipulate text, or post it.
This glitch has never existed in any prior version of Internet Explorer. It is fairly serious since Comcast Community Forums are some of the most used internet forums in the world. Microsoft strikes again!

Any suggestions?:worry:

Yes uninstall the update it should revert back to IE 8. Do you use any other browsers? if so do they work OK?


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Or possibly consider looking at the address bar area for the small "broken page" icon, indicating a compatability issue and clicking it to run the site in compatability mode and see if that helps. It's possible that comcast's community forums have not been updated to work well with IE9 yet.

I got that notice yesterday too.and updated so far I can see no
problems.however I do not go that site.
there are some experts on this forum hope one of them will

Thanks a lot everyone for your very helpful suggestions!:redface:
Trouble, I did find the "broken page" icon and clicked on it and that cured the problem. I am good again. Of course it is only a temporary fix. When Microsoft comes out with somthing new and as big as this I really don't expect to find any compatibility problems.:confused:

Also, I contacted Comcast and they are aware of the compatibility problem and are working on it.

Thanks again!!


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Excellent news. Glad to hear that you were able to resolve your problem. Thanks for posting back and updating this thread with your information.
There are quite a few sites that have some compatability issues with IE9, even Microsoft still has a few pages out there that show up with the broken page icon.
Hope to continue to see you around the forums and thanks again.

Once again, thanks fo rthe help!

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