Windows 8 [App] Mercury - GTalk for Windows8/RT

Jake Morrison

New Member
Mercury is a Google Talk client for Windows 8/RT, and it comes with a bunch of features

Before I list some, here's the link to our website: JMTK Application Development
and the app's main page:
and of course, the download link: Mercury Chat app for Windows in the Windows Store

Mercury comes with a 7 day free trial as well, so you can definitely try out everything before you buy.

  • Toast/Tile/Badge notifications for incoming messages
  • Color themes
  • Other basic UI customizations
  • Fullscreen, fill, and snapped states supported
  • Inline links, images, mp3 audio, and YouTube videos
  • Bolding/underlining/italicizing of message text, as well as preservation of formatting (see below)
  • OAUTH2 secure sign in with Google
  • With background permissions enabled, you'll be automatically logged in when you sign into Windows

So in regards to preservation of formatting, developers like an easy to way to send each other code. This helps that, if you wrap any text in ##, it'll preserve the formatting. So you could simply copy some code from your IDE, and paste it into our app, and put ## around, and it'll look like this:

I hope you all like it, and please give feedback, because we're trying to make it very much worth your money.