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    I really hope someone can help since this has been driving me mad.
    I have a number of issues but this is the first one, and the one thats stopping me progressing.

    I am using a USB stick to boot the PE environment and it goes through no problems. The machine joins the domain when in windows and i select "Work"
    Windows doesn't seem to activate itself, but will work if i do it manually.

    Now i don't see any other window coming up to install any apps. I don't get a ZTIApplication.log file generated in the c:\windows\temp\deployment folder.
    I know there is the SMSTS.log, but this doesn't appear on the local machine, there is a copy that it writes to x:\windows....but thats no good since its on the USB stick's PE environment which is not available.

    In WDT I have left the deploy applications task step and just added a simple install application for adobe acrobat straight after. I gather this is the correct way.
    I can provide more detail as people ask.

    I guess first question: how do i see the log file then any other reasons it won't work.

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