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I'm not sure that my question is relevant, but I certainly know there are many software experts. I don't want to get into all the details, so I'll be brief: I have to submit a paper (not a commercial, but academic text), and I'm looking for a way to edit it. I'm a poor writer, to say nothing of editing, that's why I rely on software.
there are lots of 'text to talk' options around... back in my tafe days I found it handy to let the computer [read] projects back to me before handing them in

be careful with any computer software when it comes to editing because most of them assume one spelling, for example downunder we put the U into colour and things like that just upset computers... in other words avoid Microsoft products and look for 3rd party options
It is a minor inconvenience. Mostly American spellers leave out the "u". Other countries, in general, when using their own versions, leave the "u" in. I just go ahead and accept American spelling anyway, when using a US oreinetated speller.

But, ussnorway's advice is worth noting.
I don't want to get into all the details

man. send all details, not sure why you're intentionally wasting the time of the very few active ppl on this site or anywhere else, man

get a better more productive hobby in life, it'd do you good, man
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I'm a poor writer,

man, i believe, no tool but your brain is gonna help with that

you already know that, man, not sure why you'd waste ppl's time like that

man, you know about thermal paste, and then you somehow don't know anything about tools, and make a post like thiss, man?

fake all around, i can tell
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