Are there any apps for Windows like Activator on iOS?

I'm new here, but if anyone could tell me if they know of any apps that serve the same general purpose as Activator does on a jailbroken iOS device? (If you don't know, it allows you to set up an almost infinite amount of gestures and macros to your liking, so you can, say, if you're connected to your home WiFi network it will open Facebook, and then have your device make a sound and speak "Welcome Home!" and at the same time crank up the volume and start playing music.) I'm on Windows 10 and my laptop is very beefy so throw anything at me. Thank you!


Windows Forum Team
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I don't know of anything quite as robust as what you described. Autokeys can be programmed to do a lot but I don't believe it will do it automatically AutoHotkey

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