Are there really 800,000 Windows 7 apps?


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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may not have shared many (any?) new tidbits about Microsoft futures, but he did whip through a lot of stats during his Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote on January 6.

One of those stats only caught my attention this morning, when I saw a couple of folks tweet it.
Ballmer said during his keynote last night that there are now “over 800,000 new unique Windows 7 applications” that are building on its new features and capabilities.

Wow, I thought: Where are all these apps? Did Ballmer include in his count custom, line-of-business Windows apps that early Windows 7 adopters are fixing so they can work with Windows 7? Or was there some secret cache of touch-enabled, Jump-List-friendly programs I had somehow overlooked?

Were independent software vendors waiting in the wings to roll out a bunch of new, secret Windows 7 wares that no one knew about?

Alas, it turns out Ballmer may have added a “7″ some embellishment to his claim that wasn’t supposed to be there. There are over 800,000 Windows 7-compatible apps out there, a Microsoft spokesperson clarified today, not 800,000 Windows-7-optimized apps



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Anything to catch public attention ;)

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