Artificial Intelligence Is Coming for Hiring, and It Might Not Be That Bad


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Instead of relying on people’s feelings to make hiring decisions, companies use machine learning to detect the skills needed for certain jobs. The AI then matches candidates who have those skills with open positions. The companies claim not only to find better candidates, but also to pinpoint those who may have previously gone unrecognized in the traditional process.

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There are chips that are being made by Elon Musk. Those are meant to be put in our brains and then we will be able to have power of computers. That can be good and bad, but the world is going in that direction and there is nothing we can do about it. Some are saying that it will be the only way to fight the AI in the future when they even become more advanced than we are. It is scary to think about that, but well it is not happening yet. Some people are doing all that and I cannot even learn how to be Angular developer. I found help with that on . They have really cool blog on how to find Angular developers. Follow it step by step and there will be no issues.