VIDEO As if things couldn't get worse for Microsoft... This Windows 11 issue is unacceptable!

I gave up watching after a couple of minutes - Load of BS. Among many criticisms, Microsoft themselves have provided several ways to even install at your own risk. Easy to scan and find what those risks actually are.
But he is good at making videos!

I have no problems with Windows 11, even on incompatible computers.. My own criticism is that I cannot quite se what MS have been struggling with over the past couple of years.
Excluding the so-called security improvements, I cannot, so far, detect any staggering differences from Windows 10
my two systems at home refuse to install Windows 11 [a fact I'm fine with]
I have an Ryzen desktop and a Intel 7 laptop which you can see by clicking the tags

installing a new Windows system is always going to be hit and miss but I do agree the roll back option needs to be adjusted... other than that I'm ok with most of the stuff Microsoft has done so far because the fact is, most users are very happy to not know what they are up to with peoples systems
most users are very happy to not know what they are up to with peoples systems

What do you mean by this?

I am frustrated several times windows 10 has installed updates on its own accord and not bothered to ask me first. I have been using Linux as a full time OS for about 11 years and I find it annoying when I pop into windows for whatever reason I have to waste several minutes watching i update stuff on boot up. Why cant it install the updates before it shuts off????