ASUS HD7750 display driver crashed but recovered only on certain pages


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Hi I'm wondering if some one has any ideas for me? I have these specs (not sure what all is required here so ask for more and ill try to find it)
OS: Win 7 64 bit
video card: ASUS HD 7750
web browser: Google chrome version 22

So here's what happens, I am just browsing the web (minecraft forums usually) and all is well, but it seems some pages just seem to kill my display, it seems its just random ones, or else some if I stay on them too long they seem to do this also, what happens is my screen goes black for about 2 seconds then comes back with a message saying that my display drivers stopped responding but recovered, at first I wondered if it was YouTube videos that were in the page, but some of the pages that crash it don't have YouTube videos in them, I re installed Google chrome because i heard that it may have corrupted, didn't fix anything, I ran CCleaner and cleaned up my temp folder and history etc, didn't help, I've restarted, this seems to keep it away for maybe the day, or maybe i'm just not hitting the right page, I have checked for updates from the catalyst control center and it found none, i tried looking on the AMD website ( since i think that's who makes ASUS?) couldn't find the right one. I did a memory diagnoses that's on windows already and it came up with nothing , I think this checks RAM right? first I thought it might be my RAM, but it doesn't happen on Minecraft, a game I play, I can play for hours and it doesn't do it, since it uses RAM I assumed this should also cause it right?

I've never had this problem before, I had a smaller desktop before this but it would keep on overheating thus killing my previous video card, so I had to upgrade to a bigger shell (which of course they took all of my components out of the smaller one to the bigger shell, and replaced the PSU since it wasn't big enough apparently, so it shouldn't be my PSU either.) and to a newer video card (by the way this card is only about 3 months old), which is the one I have now, this is where the issue started, it did it I think a few days after first owning the new video card, then kinda disappeared for a few months but now its happening quite often (maybe 5 times a week.) at first I thought that maybe it was just the "minecraft forums" but i was also on the website changing the T.V package on its interactive selecting page, and it crashed then also, then every 3 mins that i kept going back to that page, then I restarted and it seemed to fix it.

I'm sorry for the choppy information, im trying to get as much info out there as I can remember.

thanks for any tips you may have.


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It's a problem with your graphics card (BAAAAHAHAHAHAH, that's AMD GPU's for you bud! :p joking).

When you say " first I thought it might be my RAM, but it doesn't happen on Minecraft, a game I play, I can play for hours and it doesn't do it" does that mean you can play minecraft for hours (I don't know why anyone would play for hours, but) or does it mean...???

Also, when you upgraded your video card, did you make sure to take all the necessary steps to safely install the card? That means going into Safe Mode, opening Device Manager, fully uninstalling your old card, removing the card from the slot, cleaning the slot, not forcing the new card into the slot etc etc. If you didn't do a "safe" install of the new card, the problem could have it's roots planted along that line.

When the screen goes black, does it keep repeating, or does it just go black once and then you can continue on as normal until say 5 or so minutes after?

Does it only go black when you're on chrome? When you're typing stuff up on to Microsoft Word or on Photoshop, does the screen go black, or is it just on the browser?

That's all I can think of. As an extra note for future problem descriptions - don't give me a wall of text to read. Describe the problem, refer to the problem if it's occurred before, state what you did that may have caused the change (if it was the first time). Forgive me for possibly being a bit too harsh, but you just took your broken down car to a mechanic and started babbling away. You didn't make it too clear what happened before and during the problem.

Apart from that there really isn't anything else I'd like to add, apart from the obvious NVIDIA > ATI Products.

Hope you can reply soon anyway


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ya sorry about the wall of text, I was kind of trying to get as much info as I knew out there, but I see I didn't write it very well, sorry for your time wasted.

1< I took it to the local computer fix it guy, he did the install,I will assume he did it correctly.
2< it only happens on chrome.
3< by playing for hours i mean i can leave it going for hours no issues, the reason i brought this up is because its kind of intensive on RAM, so if it was going to error, it should have done it with it I would think.
4< the screen goes black, come back and tells me it crashed but recovered, the page will load but is slow , and if I stay on the "interactive?" page it will usually do it again after a few (3-5 ) minutes but if I X the page and go back into the same page, it will work for I Don't know, maybe an hour?
5< I have not experienced a crash on anything else other than chrome.
6< this issue only seems to have recently (last month) popped it's ugly head out in the open.
I'll try another browser, and see if it gives me the same error thanks for your trouble, I can see it is kind of pointing at only chrome, I was just seeing if there was possibly another thing I may be missing that could be causing the issue.


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No time wasted at all, I'm fine with reading walls but just for faster problem solving you should structure it a bit better.
1 - Is the local computer guy working privately (he has his own company yadda yadda) or does he work for a bigger branch? If he has a private company, is he/the company certified (should be, but the world is full of tricksters)?
2 - If it only happens on chrome, then it's a bug or failed bit of the software that's causing these crashes.
3 - It probably isn't an issue with your RAM
4 - points to chrome again
5 - points to chrome again
6 - Can't find any major updates to chrome in their change log for the past month, but it is a possibility chrome is failing for you
So is it any random page on chrome, or specific pages? like if you typed "egfefkdvbwelf" in google search and opened the first 10 options, would say 5 of them crash, or is it only on specific pages like yahoo or something?


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thanks for the tip
1 - yes he does own his own company, pretty sure i seen a certificate hanging somewhere?
6- it's kind of hard to explain, at times, I can do something similar to what you said and no problems, i can have 20 tabs open and no issue, but then i can just hit certain pages, that just seem to be totally messed up, say i go to minecraft forums, i can open up 20 topics that i like in new tabs, then X them all again, no issue, the next day maybe I find only 5 today, i open those up in a new tab, boom, i switch to one of those pages and the entire browser freezes for like 7 seconds, goes black, then tells me it crashed but recovered (the display drivers) , then I can X the entire browser, (copy the link before hand) and go back into that page and nothing happens, and theres nothing different about the pages that ive noticed atleast, but ya , I think ill switch to fire fox or something and see if that fixes my problem. I think chromes a bit too buggy for my liking.


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1 - well go back and MAKE SURE he has a license to do things on computers... if it's printed then you just earnt yourself +$1million (if you get a good lawyer hahahahaha) to get an even BETTER computer.
6- alright. so, for the next 7 days or so, record EACH page you get abnormal lag or screen freeze on, including when you open a new tab, clicking on a link etc etc. Try see if there's a pattern (do all the pages download ad's that you don't know of, or...) or you can post back here.

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