ATI 2013 PP vs ATI 2014 Premium


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I just got one of those seasonal offers to upgrade my 2013 PP to 2014 Premium. The cost is cheap enough so that it isn't much of a factor, but then I don't want to waste money for something I already have or won't use.

After a very brief spell Googling, it appears that both versions can restore to dissimilar hardware, but I don't know if one is better than the other for that purpose. I also read that the Premium is better with dealing with dynamic disks, but I never use dynamic disks, so that doesn't appear to be a plus.

Has anyone here used both versions, and is able to advise whether this is something worth paying for?

What is 2013 PP....most of us on here, when using acronyms, use the ones that most everyone knows.


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PP + Plus Pack. It an optional addon for TI 2013, which I think gives the same functions as the Premium version does. I found a page with a greater amount of comparison. which I could provide a link to, but considering the forum's spam policy, I won't. As far as I can see, the added features for the Premium version doesn't add anything that I would use, but then the differences aren't always clearly spelled out.

give me a link in a PM


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Assuming that by PM, you mean a conversation, it is done.

#6 it. That link to Acronis would be fine to post as it a direct link to Acronis and not some hijacked webpage.


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That link isn't really a good comparison, because the version that I have has more than what is listed for True Image Lite. Actually, that is the first time I've seen the word Lite appended to TI, so I'm unclear as to what they mean? Even with the Plus Pack add-on, I never heard of it being referred to as anything other than just TI. Something that you might be able to tell me, I noted that the definition of a sector-by-sector backup is designed for using with unsupported OSs. I imagine that to do so, it would have to be run from a supported OS, or perhaps from a disc, but would it work to backup a Linux distro?

EDIT: I think that Lite version must be the one that is sometimes included with some hard drives, because it has far less features than the regular version.

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