ATI TV-Wonder 650 PCI-E Tuner Settings Get Lost Each Reboot In MCE

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    AMD 64x2 3800+ 64-bit Win7 (Activated) 2gig DDR 400
    ATI TV-Wonder 650 Pro PCI-E

    I have a old nforce 4 amd/sli Gigabyte K8N-Pro-SLI motherboard... using the latest BIOS that works (F9) dated in 2006... (F10) dated 2008, the board will not post) -- (and of course the latest motherboard drivers are not install, since none are available) and the vista 64bit ones causes blue screens with win7, even installing them w/ vista compatability.

    -- This TV Card loads fine using Catalyst 8.12 64bit Theater Drivers From ATI's website... (with of course tweaking every single .exe and .msi file changing them all to windows vista compatability, and disabling UAC...

    but they install fine, tv-card works tested no problems at all....

    MCE will work 100% until I reboot...

    After the reboot, trying to click on LiveTV or Choosing a Channel in the Guide Displays: cannot process request, no tv tuner available....

    To fix this, I have to go to Settings, and re-setup the tv signal / tv tuner, again, tv and MCE will work 100%, until the next reboot...

    Tv Tuner Unavailable.... again the process of redetecting the tv signal/tv tuner, will make it work 100%... until next reboot...

    My question is: is there a way to delete my MCE settings, and start MCE as if it was first installed, IE having the wizard start upon clicking the MCE icon, and re-setting up all my settings, so that they are saved?

    A Little Research And I May Have Found The Solution.... Media Center Utilities Page

    --- Some very kewl looking utilities for XP/Vista that I am hoping will work with W7 MCE.... which sound like they would fix this type of an issue...
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