audio file splitter

i have this super long audio file that i want to split and save to smaller part.

here is a small part of the time line i need to split and it a 3 hour audio file

00:00 to 03:30
03:30 to 05:48
05:48 to 10:15

if your wondering what its for its a school project that my friend some how saved every single audio file as one

so basically I'm looking for a software that can split it all for me

anyone please :(


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Been a while but I believe the last time I needed to do something like this I used
Worked pretty well as I recall.
Be sure to always work with a copy of the file and not the original.


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Don't know the audio part that well, I know Audacity somewhat, but files can be split easily too, check it&lc=1

Like Trouble writes, always work with a copy, not the original file. Before trial and error, use test and trial.


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Audacity is a great program for the purpose. But don't download it from Souceforge. You may get all kinds of junk with it. This is a better download link:

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