Audio + Vintage Modem Drivers = Crackling sound and System lag.

Good evening people, I just installed windows 7 in my system and I like it so far! However I have some troubleshooting with a VERY old Modem.

- I installed all drivers for my hardware from the CDs each hardware brings. After I installed everything, I put some music on and started navigating around the internet, but when I loaded a webpage or go through a processing demand of CPU and Memory, the music started to slow down, produced distortioned sounds like crack and some kind of robot crap along with some system lag; the mouse was not smooth, etc.

- Did a fresh install of Windows 7, except for this time I put some music on WHILE I was installing the drivers and found out that my ADSL USB Modem driver was causing the trouble in my PC.

-The specs of the modem are: Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5667 (released aprox year 2000). It uses the following drivers: vvbeth.sys ; vvbetht.sys ; vvpciusb.sys ; vvbususb.sys. Also, the .inf/.pnf files are: vvbuse.sys/.pnf and vvbusu.sys/.pnf // This modem is compatible with WINDOWS 95 !!!!!!1111 / 98 / 2K /ME / XP

- I uninstalled the modem and plugged in a Blackberry and started using it as a Modem (SLOW AS HELL), started navigating with some music on while running other programs like Steam, antivirus, etc., and no crackling sound at all!

- I installed the drivers and .inf/.pnf manually. Put all four drivers onto C:Windows:System32:drivers and the .pnf to C:Windows. Went to Device managers, searched for the modem with the exclamation sign -> Upgrade drivers -> Browse my computer...-> Let me pick from a list of device drivers -> Have disk... -> Find the .inf files and installed both of them manually.

-Found out that this modem needs 2 .pnf, one for virtual usb bus and the other to get it to a Network Adapter. After installing the one that turned the modem into a Network adapter, the crackling started again, so definitely it's this god damn driver causing all the buzz here.

I wanted to know which drivers are compatible WITH windows 7 and my vintage modem.

-Please don't tell me to connect my modem to Ethernet port, my onboard ethernet is Fried. And I have no time to buy a ethernet card so my only port is USB. I won't either install the XP Virtual system to make it work, I UPGRADED FROM XP TO 7, not willing to go back!


Thank you very much looking foward to solve this problem.:p


You'll be best off with a new modem.

:( Lol I know! It's quite old, indeed it says "Live the broadband Life!", now mobiles have broadband heh...

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