Windows 7 Audiodg.exe & ESET problem after updating to build 7100


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Apr 2, 2009
Hello again people,
Today I succesfully update my Windows 7 Build 7000 to Windows 7 build 7100. Yaaay! :D
well, not for long :(

I'm now having problems with:
- ESET Smart Security: "Personal firewall rules could not be converted for an unknown reason"
- audiodg.exe: It's constantly taking up 12 to 15% of my CPU usage. Before updating, this process was only using CPU when I was using WMP, but now, it's always on :(

Well, I obviously googled a bit myself and found these solutions:
- ESET Smart Security: Restart your PC. Well I did that for 3 times now and still no difference. I'll try reinstalling it if theirs no other way.
- audiodg.exe: As said here Link Removed - Invalid URL my realtek driver is probably causing this. Should I uninstall all Realtek stuff? I doubt that I'll get any sound from my computer after that :(.
Note: I did not install the Realtek drivers, they were automatically installed by Windows 7
Note2: Before updating to Windows 7 7100, everything worked perfectly...


EDIT: I fixed the ESET issue by simply unninstalling it completely and then reinstalling it.
If anyone knows a solution for the audiodg.exe problem, please respond.

EDIT2: Fixed the audiodg.exe issue to. I RULE!! well actually,
"what you can try is go to your control panel then go to sound...
right click your sound device and go to then advance...
there where it says default format lower it...
this should lower the post processing the pc has to do...
also check if any effect are on in the enhancements tab...
if doesnt work what you can do is untick the two boxes in the advance mode in the exclusive mode under the Advance tab.... "

Thanks for my help and have fun
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