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    I have a long list of cutomized autocorrect items and they are stored in MSO files. In previous Win versions the English items were saved in MSO1033, but Win 8 saves them in MSO2057. So when I transferred to Win 8, I renamed my old MSO1033 file to MSO2057. The problem, however, is that my old Word documents still use MSO1033 for their autocorrect function. So I had to revive MSO1033 for them. So currently the autocorrect folder has two MSO files: 1033 and 2057.

    But having two different files for autocorrect information is not ideal, because when you put in new information, you have to change two files instead of one. So I want to unify the MSO files, for instance by forcing new Office documents to use 1033 or forcing the old documents to use 2057. Can someone tell me how to do this?

    Thank you very much.
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