Windows 10 autologin to samba


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A fiendly hello to anybody,

I had a Samba-Server. When I started Windows XP or 10 I was automaticaly loged in (after the first manual login). The server had a disk problem and crashed. So I rebuild it. The same IP, Servername, users and passwords but now I'm asked each time windows (10 or xXP) starts for Username and password.

Does anybody know what is the reason?

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I would see if your saving the credentials in credential manger and if they are there delete them and let them re-add or if your not saving them then that would be why you get prompted each time.
Hello Neemobeer,

thank you for your answer. There are still the same user in windows. I have to delete them? Why? It's still the same!

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Hello Neemobeer, hello anybody,

it is quite easy.
You hve to delete the samba driveletter. Then create a new connection, select a driveletter and select login with a different user. After booting Win, the connection is established and autostart may happen.

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