Autounattend.xml that cleans 3 partitions while leaving the remaining 1 intact.


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I am an amateur with the autounattend.xml. I have been able to successfully follow tutorials and create installs on multiple partition formatted hard drives.
So the question,
How do I setup the autounattend to clean 3 of the partitions created while leaving one partition intact, i.e. all the files remain untouched.
I have been able to successfully create the auto install file that will clean all 4 partitions, but I am needing 1 partition that will have reinstall and backup information from one install to another. Once the autounattend installation is finished, I have written some batch and powershell scripts that will do the remainder of the work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If additional information is needed I am more than willing to post screenshots of my setup process and show the exact configuration within the creation program. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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You'd need to create a diskpart script and save it in a location WinPE environment can access and then use a RunSynchronousCommand section to call diskpart with the script.


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Thank you for the direct and concise explanation. I'll be diving into learning the runsychronouscommand as thoroughly as I can. a few clarifications if you don't mind Neemobeer.
  1. Does it matter if the script is batch or powershell?
  2. I usually run diskpart bat scripts and use a secondary txt file that gives the specifics of the vol format, etc. So the question is, does my diskpart script have to be concatenated into a single file? Or should I be able to proceed with the Runsynchronous command using the multiple file diskpart batch system I have been using. I assume there should be no issue considering all the files will be within the same directory and therefore accessible to WinPE environment.

Again, thank you for the concise explanation, I loved it.


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I believe I have all the information I need. It may take me a couple days to get this all handled and applied but Ill report back when I have put my work in. Thank you so much for the help!