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Windows 7 Backup and Restore: restore files in Recycler (Win7 Enterprise x64)


Senior Member
Oct 3, 2011

I have a Win 7 Enterprise Pro x64 laptop. Most of the files in my recycler/recycle bin mysteriously disappeared a few days back (I am guessing some OS quirk since desktop.ini also seems to have been modified then, though everything is still running smoothly).

So I want to get those files back. In my weekly backup to an external HDD using Win 7's built-in Backup and Restore I thought I have the recycler backed up:
Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Options > Change Backup Settings > Select where you want to save your backup > Where do you want to back up?: Let me choose > What do you want to back up?: Computer, Local Disk (C:, $RecycleBin is checked (my HD is partitioned and I also have the D: $RecycleBin selected here)

But when I select
Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Restore my files > Browse for files (or Browse for folders)
I get a explorer like screen which lists in the title bar,
Backup on <location> > Backup of C:
and lists all other folders I checked off in the Backup in the last paragraph but not the $RecycleBin folder.

Note that I have "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" selected and "Hide protected operating system files" unchecked in folder options (so for example ProgramData is listed in the folders in the last paragraph). I also am able to restore other files from my backup so I am rather sure the backup is not corrupted.

Is there someway to find and restore the recycler files or is this just not something which is possible? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

PS I have tried directly recovering using the file recovery program Link Removed. Most of the files I want are listed a too damaged to be restored