Windows 7 Backup virtual drive disappeared


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I recently had much trouble with my computer and was reinstalling OS many times! XP and win7.

When i was installing windows 7 there were 3 virtual drives one about 400 mb named windows reserved and 2 others each (300gb) the 3d one was backup

I formatted first 2 deleted partitions, made 1 partition formated again and then installed windows. The 3d virtual hard drive backup disappeared with all my stuff. Now i just have Local disc C: which is 300 gb and nothing else.So im missing 300gb virtual hard drive with my stuff, where did it go ? Any advice?

Computer is Interl(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU [email protected]
, MSI Motherboard H55M-E33
hard drive WDC WD6400AAKS-00E4A0 ATA Device
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By browsing the forums i found a nice program called GParted , i downloaded it burned an image restarted pc and boot with this program , as far as i understood this is used to manage partitions. Well i saw 2 partitions there each 300gb and one of them´s called "backup" so my files are on the hard drive and are not deleted , it just doesnt want to show them in windows.
Im still looking for an adviced from somebody more expirienced, is there a way to make windows see that virtual hard drive?