Unable to install Windows 7! Black screen?


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Hey everyone!

Some background info:
I built my computer ~2 years ago and it worked fine for about half a year, until it crashed. Since then I've been unable to reinstall Windows and I kinda forgot about it... which sucks! So please help me get it up and running again :)

Motherboard: GigaByte Z68
Processor: Intel Core i3
HDD: Seagate Barucada 1TB (st31000524as)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

My problem:
When I boot from the windows cd (original), sometimes I get stuck at a black screen after "Windows is starting" or the black "loading files" screen. Sometimes it just takes a while but I eventually get to the install menu.
When I am about to chose my hdd, it says it can't install on it. I deleted all partitions, created a new one and formated it (took about 1 hour), still not able to install.

I tried booting from my GigaByte cd, and it went through some kind of install (not sure what it did, it was weird because it's actually made for backups). After I chose "reboot" I was able to install on my hdd again. But after I got to 100% i got stuck at the black screen again! I waited for a couple hours before I had to turn it off, so I'm back where I started. :/

I always google stuff, and people said the black screen problems could be related to other drives/usb stuff connected to my pc. I only have 1 hdd and 1 usb for mouse/keyboard... I tried disconnecting it but it didnt work and also it doesnt make sense since I need to reconnect it to click on stuff anyway...
People also said I should try booting with F8 and choose "low res", didn't work either. Other people said "connect a secondary screen", I have a hdmi screen and a rgb screen, I tried all combinations of them and nothing seemed to work...

I also have some confusion with the XHD/RAID/IDE/AHCI settings. I am only using one HDD, so I figured AHCI makes more sense for me - sine i have a SATA hdd and windows 7 64 bit.
However, when I load "Optimized System Defaults" from BIOS, it sets SATA mode to IDE...? When I reboot I get a warning screen that says the system is running in IDE mode and I should switch to AHCI for optimal performance.
How do I know if my system supports AHCI or not, what should I use?
Whenever I select IDE, and I enter Windows installation, it can't even find my hdd!
Only when I select AHCI it finds the hdd, but it won't let me install on it.

I've been strugling for DAYS, so i REALLY appreciate help. :) Also, I've tried making "boot cds/usb", and I have no experience with linux so it's really frustrating. Please don't suggest going linux unless it's really necessary. :( I only have a Knoppix live CD, but I find the whole linux system so confusing I wasn't really able to do anything, despite several "guides" and youtube videos. I have a computer that's barely been used and a original windows CD, shouldn't I have all I need to repair my system?

Sorry about the long post, I'll be eternally grateful if someone has any clues!


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Can't say I'm sure about this, but Windows 7 does have difficulties with install, due to partition. It should install with default settings. Partitions could be remade with e.g. Gparted http://gparted.org/ or http://www.partition-tool.com/

In my experience, it's a bit of a trial and error. You delete partitions, and then part them again --- no work --- delete again and repart --- hey! it works!!!

Sorry I can't give definite advice. But man is erring. Hope you get it running. :)
I would probably either go into the bios and reset all to the baseline or clear the cmos (bios) by disconnecting power and moving the cmos clear jumper to clear and then back, then go into the bios and set the correct settings for some things like your memory (seems to often be an issue using spd), also do use ahci sata mode, and if your card has DVI slot, use it to connect your monitor.

Disconnect any drives other hard drives than your boot drive for Windows setup.

Also in your bios, go to advanced mode (upper right corner), then select the boot tab -- disable full screen logo, setup mode to advanced.

If you initially installed Windows in AHCI mode, you cannot just change the bios setting to IDE because the drivers will be incorrect, so that could be an issue.