Windows 7 Bad Mobo?

Rae Hamilton

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Running a Dell Inspiron N4110
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
i-5-2410M CPU @ 2.30 GHz 2.30 GHz

So I broke my screen back in December got a replacement one and tried to fix it myself. Apparently as computer tech guy told me not only well the screen need to be replaced, so would the mobo. I had to leave the laptop and return to school and would get upgrades through my mom. So MONTHS later having gotten the laptop back and turning it on I noticed a few things:

1.)My 'sleep' option is greyed out.
2.)I have no sound, I get the following message when I look at the bottom where my volume speaker symbol is: no audio output device is installed

I have tried everything, I have went through all the drivers, BIOS, general settings, and CMD. I can't get it fixed. So I'm thinking, did I get a bad mobo? I am asking the tech guy to send me the EXACT model and make of everything used so I know what happening. Until then, any thoughts?
Check with the Dell site that you have the very latest versions of driver. Also if the motherboard is brand new then you might need to enable the onboard sound via the bios.

If like you say, you have checked all these things already then I would indeed get back in touch with your tech support.
Usually the bios is split into sections, Sound is usually under the Peripherals section but not every bios is the same. You might have to just go through each section. If you go to the machines web page at Dell I'm sure there would be a download for a manual. Hopefully this is the correct page:

Manuals and Documents for Inspiron 14R N4110 | Dell US
You probably have a bad mobo. They always come preloaded in a way to function with basic issues, like HDDs and SSDs and memories far beyond their true capacity, and being able to recognize these without one having to adjust anything. A motherboard is equipped with qualities that say: You need not to interfere with me = BIOS in order to get it working. Period. Unless you want some extra, you're never bound to enter BIOS.

BIOS adjustments are an exception, not a rule. Since you seem to have warranty, just go back to your retailer.
I went through the BIOS, anything about Sound/Audio isn't there/doesn't exist. Any more suggestions?


well not every bios will carry that setting and it was only a shot in the dark really as it would have been turned on by default, if it was there of course. As suggested if you still have a warranty then I'd certainly use it.