Batch file to format HD Unattended


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Hey Guys,
I was wanting to create a batch file to automatically format my harddrives unattended.
My pc's are Windows 7. I dont want to press any keys, Id like for it to be fully unattended

What I have so far is this:
@echo off
format C: /FS:NTFS /X

Will this work?
Have you guys tested any batch files like this successfully?

I'm probably going to build a PC with no importace and test it out. Just wanted you guys option



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You'll need to download or build an autounattend.xml file and place it on the root of the disc or usb with the windows installer. You can add the format commands in the xml file. This generally won't work license wise since only Enterprise licenses work on multiple devices. Everything else can be automated fairly easily.


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You won't be able to format a mounted filesystem such as C: since everything is running from it