Windows 7 Benko on the Microsoft Touch Mouse


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One of my New Year's resolutions is to get more Hrvoje Benko on Channel 9. Every time I see Benko at MSR he's playing with the coolest (and often very secret) new toys, and he's always happy to talk about the interesting new things he's working on. You might remember Benko from our Mouse 2.0 interview, or our look behind Lightspace. In this video Benko talks to us about the work that went on behind the scenes with the new Microsoft Touch Mouse, from the early prototypes that Benko used on his desk, to the challenges they had with moving from corded to wireless. For instance, you might think of the Touch Mouse as a typical mouse when it comes to wireless signal. That's not the case, however, because in addition to X/Y coordinates for the mouse pointer, they also have to send the detailed picture of what's going on with the touch points on the mouse, a hundred times per second. That's a significant chunk of bandwidth over your average mouse. So settle in and spend a few minutes with a very interesting researcher.


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