Best "Activation Backup and Restore" prog?

KM Richards

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OK, so I'm going to do a clean install on my new Lenovo laptop (as soon as my new 500gig hard drive arrives, where I will keep the OE drive as is!), and someone was telling me about "Activation Backup and Restore" software.

This supposedly allows me to do a clean install without having to call Bill to re-activate my copy of Win 7 Pro x64.

So, when I searched for this kind of software, I noticed there were numerous offerings for this, so which one is the best or which one have you had good results with and would recommend???

Any leads on which one to go with would be appreciated...

Hello again KM,

If you're using Maxtor, Samsung or a Seagate drive, you can use this tool; DiscWizard | Seagate

It has everything you need.



KM Richards

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Thanks, but this isn't going to help me do a clean Windows install... without the bloat that cam from the manufacturer.

It may help to clone my drive, but that would carry the bloat along which I'm looking to get rid of.

Besides, the new 500gig hard drive I just ordered is Western Digital

And, I've been using Acronis True Image since 2004 so I already have the ability to back up the entire system when needed.

My goal is to install Windows clean without the crap the manufacturer added to the system that I don't need or want.


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Don't you have your COA with the product key on it? All you'd have to do is reinstall Windows, enter the product key and activate over the internet.

If your goal is to perform a clean install without crap, you would need a retail Windows 7 Installation disc.. or ISO.

Hope this helps.

KM Richards

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I actually have a downloaded ISO version (3.09gigs) that I may try once my new hard drive arrives...

Hopefully I will be able to use the key on my COA and activate over the net and live happily ever after... without the Lenovo bloatware :cool:

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