Beta test for ClipHoarder (Improved Clipboard Management Metro app )

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Software' started by Sumedh from ClipHoarder, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Mar 25, 2014
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    We are conducting a closed beta for our upcoming app, ClipHoarder. You can learn more at

    ClipHoarder captures & categorizes content from your digital life. With SkyDrive & Dropbox, you have access anywhere and everywhere. Copy & paste gets simpler with a single location for those pesky clipboard items. Made for Windows 8.1​

    If you're interested in joining the beta, supply your contact info with name & email here or via private message and we'll get you set up. All that's required is for you to use the product and provide daily feedback for the course of a week or 2.

    We're excited to shake up the Windows Store with a well designed and useful app for your daily productivity and fun. Please reply with any questions or comments!

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