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I don't exactly know how I feel about Kaspersky at the moment, because it took ~8.5 hours for it to finish a full scan of my computer. It scanned every drive and every partition on the rig, and I didn't see any means to confine it to any particular drive or partition. At times, it's footprint looked like it was wearing combat boots made for a giant, because it often used all of the RAM, and a very high percentage of the CPU, and the computer was almost useless until it finished. You would think that with that much memory and processor power used, that it would have finished the job long before it did...but then I do have a lot of files scattered across the drives.

The only thing that it found that still has me scratching my head, is that at one point it popped an alert that it has found a bootkit. I downloaded the detector from Kaspersky recommended, and after the main program scan finished, I ran the small detection program, but it didn't find anything. The fact that the alert mentioned appeared after the scan had been running for many hours makes me think that it must have been on one of my other drives, rather than the current C: drive. With as quickly as the bootkit detector finished, I have to assume that it only looked at the C: drive and nothing else.

If that is the case, then I suspect that bootkit must be on my old Windows 7 drive, and may be part if not all of the reason for the problems that I've been having with it. When I get around to it, I shall reboot to that drive and run the detector there and see if it finds anything. Even though I've spend a lot of time with the new installation, I would still like to make the old one work properly. If that drive does have a bootkit, then obviously neither OutPost or BitDefender could see it. That in itself would make Kaspersky much superior as far as AV/Malware detection. I still have no idea of how good it is as far as it's firewall function, because all of the comparisons that I've seen do not include that in their testing.

EDIT: No, I just ran that rootkit/bootkit detector in the other installation, and it didn't find anything there, so I have no idea of what the scan was squawking about. The only plus that I've found so far is that they sent me an email to buy the AV for a lot less than they do on their website. I may do that, because with the number of nagscreens that it keeps popping it is a real aggravation as it is now. Obviously that is their purpose, but it doesn't endear them to me at all.

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