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Windows 7 Black Screen of Death - please help!


New Member
Jun 20, 2016
Hi, so due to a power outage I had to turn unplug a work computer from the wall, wait and plug it back in. I made sure to turn it off safely and everything...

Anyways when I turned it back on I got the black startup screen. I have tried safemode (can't boot...end up getting KSOD followed by computer restarting), I have tried system repair and system restore (doesnt work because I have no restore points). I tried "enable boot logging", "start from last known good configuration", "safemode", all with the same problem. If I can get past the login screen it just goes to the black screen of death, followed by an automatic restart. Then when it starts again it says "BOOTMGR is missing".

Any suggestions? I made a system repair disc and booted with the CD drive and that also didn't do anything. Beginning to think i'm kinda screwed here.
Hi MarshalWolff.
Your computer is trying to boot to the wrong Hard drive.
Press F11 on Boot, or whatever key gives you your "boot options".
Select the correct Drive and press enter.
Should Boot.

PS. When you see "BOOTMGR is missing" quite often it is trying to boot to the wrong Drive.
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Not foolishness,Rich M. Happened to me 3 days ago, and that's how I fixed the same problem.
Had a power outrage, and when booted again, Windows tried to boot to the storage drive.
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Before I would suggest that as a possibility I would determine if the user has a second hard drive onboard or something that could be seen as one because that is something the average user would never have is all so it is not likely. Much more likely to need reset or recovery of boot mgr.
Sorry kemical did not mean anyone to take that personally but sometimes I have difficulty sugar coating every response as we are all responsible adults here!