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Windows 7 BLOW-BY - A Window Flashes by so fast I can't read what it says - How can I ?...


New Member
Apr 2, 2013
Scenario: Attempting to install a piece of software

The Problem: A window Pops up (or flashes up and then away) so fast, that I can not read what it says.

The Question: How can I see what that quickie window has got to say?

Ive tried to use a video camera to catch what is flashing on the screen, but it happens so fast, that I only get part of a it, and its already greyed out so I cant even read it.

How can I slow or stop my computer at whatever that window says so I can read it?

Ive tried to Google this, but I dont know what to call it when you get:
Some kinda Window "Blow-By"
(stolen from my automotive background)

Thank You
Some types of installs will open quick windows if they need to for some reason. I have seen it a couple of times.

But you might try the print screen button. I wound not think the pause button would have much effect.
I would use Process Monitor from SysInternals. When your filters prevent recording of "normal" stuff, what's left should
at least give u a clue on what it is...