Blue screen of death every 20 minutes.

I started getting these BSoDs when I installed my webcam, so I uninstalled my webcam.
Then, this happened.
Every 20 minutes a random BSoD (Different each time) would happen.
It's either:
Sometimes it's win32k.sys, sometimes it isn't, and sometimes I get stop codes which I can fix.
I don't have a minidump at the moment.
Any help is accepted.

Hello, welcome.

Please navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder. Zip the files then attach the zip to a post. We will check em out for ya asap.

I can't as of now due to sorting my motherboard out, but I will get to it soon.

Remove all USB flash sticks and/or external storage devices from the machine until this is completely sorted. Very likely RAM defect or improper bios setting. Set bios to failsafe defaults and save.

Use Windows for further crashes and/or test with Memtest86+ overnight.

Before going to do that, remove VirtualCloneDrive from the machine complete. Replace with PowerISO.

Thanks for the help, turns out I ran Memory Diagnostic and it's bad RAM and my motherboard has turned out to be faulty.

You're welcome. Good luck forward however you go with this. :)

You can try setting failsafe defaults in bios then save. If no good, try setting manual settings for the RAM based on its exact model number and what the manufacturer's site says about it for settings.

Use CPU-Z to find model number.

Test after any changes. Memtest86+ is best to test with.

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