Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide: Every Error Explained

Mahmoud please create a new thread in one of our bsod forums (the windows 7 one is here: )
Please use the app found in this thread to post your info:

The reason we ask this is because sometimes troubleshooting can take a while or at least a few pages of questions and answers so it's best to have your own thread.
I made the thread ,here is it's link
Thanks for the link, Adamsappleone!!!!!!! My computer keeps getting the blue screen every time I open my laptop in the morning. It goes to the blue screen and it gets really annoying after 5 times. That link really helped me!!!
I tried your link, registered then logged into the site ok, but tells me I'm 'not authorized to access this page.' Too bad you couldn't just post the information here rather than go to a registration mine then get dumped on. Oh well.
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