Bluescreens - Code 10d/a

Hi together,

I'm having lots of problems with Bluescreens in the last few weeks and it's getting really annoying since it only happens when playing games (and "leaving" the games result in punishments).

So, yesterday, I updated all my Drivers and played a few games without having a BSOD so I thought that fixed it, but that wasn't the case.

I've read the "How to ask help with a BSOD Problem" thread and done everything according to that but I had problems using the "Upload a File" button (it didn't work), so I uploaded it somewhere else (I hope that's not a huge problem?).

The compressed ZIP file (I did it with 7zip because the tutorial in that thread just gave me another rar file of the same size) using W7F Diagnostic Tool:
Screens from CPU-Z:

Screen from RAMMon:

Screen from Bluescreenviewer:

Sorry for posting everything separately, it didn't work otherwise. If there is any info that's missing, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Any info missing?

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