Boiling eggs


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I'm desperate. For years I have tried to learn how to boil eggs, so that I could enjoy Karelian Pasty, which I love, with slices of an egg, being the perfect enjoyment. But I just can't get it done! I can't get the eggs boiled so that the "cover" whatever it's called, will come off in a nice way - it comes off with the half of the egg! I've done the thing with cold water after boiling, but it seems to be hopeless. Is there a crucial second time, or something? Have the hen been that careful?


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Have you tried this trick:

Also there are various devices that supposedly help you remove the shell.


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Use at least a 5-day old eggs. Fresh eggs stick on shell after cooking.

Hahaha~ you'd better control a shorter time of boiling eggs, about 3 minutes.


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Anyone for an egg fight, hard boiled only?


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I just tried the method in the video, and all that I can say about it, is that guy is a lot windier than I am...perhaps in more ways than one. However I thought I would toss in my two cents, by saying that I use a knuckle to crack one end and then the other, followed by tapping the rest of the shell until there are no exceptionally large pieces intact, than I roll the egg between my palms, squeezing the egg some, but obviously not enough to break it, then peel the shell by picking until I get a piece with the membrane sticking to it, and usually it will come off in sheets...perhaps all at the same time.

The method isn't perfect, but it works for me.

EDIT: Tip two...try sprinkling a few caraway seeds on them and see what you think.

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