Windows 10 boot manager not where it should be.


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Jan 15, 2022
Hello please help

I'm trying to run the mbr2gpt command and conversion so I can enable my secure storage option so I can move to win 11. When looking at the log for why the action failed to validate it tells me that BCD for boot volume cant be opened. Also my boot manager is somehow one disk 1 my E drive and not on my C drive. how to I place boot manager in the proper place and fix this issue with trying to convert mbr2gpt? any help would be great. I'm clearly just a novice to IT and deeper OS things.

DIY computer build, i7 8700k, prime z370 a ASUS board, micro center's inland 256gb m.2 sdd OS drive. disk 1 or E dive is a 1tb WD blue standard 3.5" plater drive of mostly just photo and docs. OS was transferred from a failing pny 2.5" ssd about a year ago using . I hope I have provided enough snips and info to help in understanding the issue.


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The Windows installer isn't the brightest regarding installing things that would make sense to a person.
The simplest method would be backup data, disconnect all drives but the intended one for the operating system and reinstall.

The harder approach and much more technical (and there is risk in bricking the OS anyways)
  • From a different OS such as a live boot Linux, shrink the primary partition and move it to the right
  • Manually create the appropriate boot partition at the beginning of the disk
  • Manually edit your BCD store to tell it to use the new boot manager
  • Copy all boot files from the E:\ to the new boot manager
  • Hope it works
Then when you move to GPT you will need a new EFI boot partition or convert the existing partion which is tricky since it's a different filesystem and different files etc