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I have an on-going problem w/ a Win-7 machine* for the last 3 wks. or so. Here's my dilemma: I don't turn the machine off, it runs continuously and whenever I have some sort of a S/W update, if required, it reboots, and I have a "Windows failed to start msg. / Can't find Boot Manager". I reboot into the Win 7 Ultimate CD and I run the dianostics pgm. selecting startup repair. When this finishes I reboot to the win-7 pgm on the machine and again get the error msg. I then repete the above and select the Command Prompt and do the following: bootrec.exe/fixmbr
I get a msg. saying it was successful and I turn off computer and reboot w/ no success. I do this 2~4 times (using the Win-7 CD each time) and finally the computer starts up normally. Very frustrating to say the least . . . any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

* Dell Studio XPS 9000 / Intel i7 (2.66 GHz) / 12GB RAM / XFX Radeon HD 5870-1GB / Power Supply: 850-Watt.


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Windows Update will at times, it seems, require the system to be shut completely down. Seems some updates, like .net need some extra help. Also, some anti-virus programs can interfere with the process of restarting for update installs.

A startup repair may need to be run 3 times for it to repair problems. Hard to say, but depending on what is wrong, it may ask to be restarted or you may have to do it manually.

If you get a message saying the bootmgr is missing, you may need to run the bootrec /fixboot command.

Beside shutting completely down once in a while, it is also a good idea to run SFC /scannow from an administrative command prompt to check your system. Files are replaced pretty much all the time while the system is running, but running the command directly will tell you if any system files have gotten corrupted and not replaceable.


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You might like to download and install EasyBCD.

It will show you your boot setup, allow you do modify it and even create a new boot sector.

EasyBCD -

It will solve most boot problems and it's easy to use.


Thanx for the quick imput w/ this . . . will give your suggestions a try

Hi Mike,
Thanx for the advice, will give it a try.

Hi Mike, plagued with the above reboot problems for the last 3 wk's. or so. I finally D/L'ed "EasyBCD" and it solved all of my boot problems. Thanx so much for your advice . . . you "done good"!

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