Boot very slow in Vista

For some days i am really facing a problem but cant recognize the cause for the problem. I just do a reinstall everytime when i see the problem. Its related to the booting of windows vista home premium. I have separated the booting process in four stages.
1. The Microsoft Corporation logo with the progress bar moving almost on the bottom center of the screen
2. The Windows vista logo appearance
3. The user selection window
4. The loading of the selected user profile.
I see the first part taking a long time to change over the next one.It was usually 8-9 turns and maximum 10. But nowadays it takes almost 30-35 turns. Cant understand the reason for this. Please explain if anyone is aware of this issue and the steps to resolve it, because i am really fed up with reinstallation.


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The installation of SP1 helps although you don't say if you've tried this or not..

Sp1 has been installed.


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Have you ruled out a physical problem with the hard drive? You should perform some diagnostics to see what is going on - a good indicator may even be your System Rating in Windows itself.

Please post more information about your system if possible. :) How old is it? How much RAM does it have? What kind of processor? Video card?


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Hi! Yes, check for physical problems. Maybe just something simple. To many programs running. Speed Up My PC and Webroot Window Washer can help a lot. I have a Vista Home Premium Notebook that booted slow, Have DSL and these two products working together, and is better. I'm looking into the possibility of added RAM. When I removed an installed game, movie picture quality improved.

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