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I recently installed Avast cleanup premium. Since then my PC has been very slow to boot. (Can't find a way to ask Avast!!)


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You really don´t need crap like that...
They (cleanup, cleaners, tuneups and such bogus stuff) have often proved to cause more problems than they claim to "fix"

If you like to clean files from your harddrive, use the built in diskcleaner..
If you run it without any changes i only cleans files in your profile (C:\Users\{YourUserName} )

If you need to free up more space, you can also delete system files:

  • In Disk cleanup, select Clean up system files.
  • Select the file types to get rid of. To get a description of the file type, select it.
  • Select OK.

Now you get the BEST AND SAFEST cleanup of files in your drives...

And, do not worry, there is no need what so ever to "clean up your registry", none what so ever...
So do not install any registry cleaners of any sort at all..
(today all softwares certified for Windows 10 MUST remove all remnants from the registry, but personalization entries, etc. that makes it easier to reinstall the software again (usefull if an upgrade need to uninstall the previous version)...

And the registry is not that large at all, so the claims that old unused entries slows the computer down is a false myth..

So uninstall any false software of that sort and use the built in disk cleaner instead.. that way your computer wont break as it has now..