Bootable Recovery Image Disk ?

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Hi Guys,

Hoping some of you can bring me up to speed, I was once an engineer many moons ago but the last systems i worked on were win XP, since that point ive been an end user and havent kept up with the technical side of things.

Back with XP or prior i used to use an older version of Norton Ghost to create a bootable CD of the entire image of the harddrive, as such creating a complete recovery disk, My Grandad likes to download and tinker around with all kinds of crap and so needs his machine wiped every couple of months so id like to do the same again which has all his normal programs etc already installed instead of going through the ball ache of formatting the drive ,installing windows 8 and then spending hours loading his stuff back on.

All i see now days though is a boot disk which you then have to locate the recovery file from the hard drive or external device, which is fine but with his history of Flash drives and faulty external hard drives id really just prefer to give him a couple of recovery dvd's like the old days which with in half an hour it has restored the entire image.

Is that still possible ? If so what software is needed and what versions ( if it needs to be an older version ).

Any instructions or warnings ?

P.s , im not looking for the windows 8 recovery , im looking to create recovery disks that boot and load entire drive image on to a dvd with has windows installed, updated , pre-installed programs etc from the clean install im now doing. So he can just boot from one of these Disks in the future and it puts everything back to how ive set it up .

Thanks for any help


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You can download the .iso for the Macrium recovery disk from my OneDrive. With that you can make full images of any Windows system and also recover those images. The images can go to DVDs (not recommended), USB sticks (if large enough and external disks. The size of the images is appr. 60% of the size of the date in the partition you image. For a Windows 7 system typically 15 to 25GB - that's why DVDs are not really practical.

And here is a tutorial that shows you how Macrium works.

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