Booted from external device and now it won't boot anymore


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My laptop was in the shop but i had the internal ssd. I attached it to my wife's laptop(win8) via sata-usb and continued booting from the external ssd(win8.1). It worked but now my wife's laptop won't boot windows from the internal drive. I tried automatic repair and it gives me a black screen. Is there a way to fix this without reinstalling windows??

Thank you!

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Thank you. I tried it with no luck. Is there possible to have corrupted my registry? And in that casa what should I do?

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Hi! Try setting the BIOS to default! While your in there look to see if your PC sees the hard drive.
Wow! Lots of things to try!! Maybe other members will join in! Do you have the media to reinstall the OS??
How to reset CMOS or BIOS settings


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If you can get to the Advanced Startup Menu (by tapping F8) during boot. Click on Advanced and then command prompt and type bootrec /RebuildBCD that should rebuild your boot store and should hopefully resolve your issue.

Hi ! noblink! Would be nice to have a up date from you about your computer status!:l:

Hey noblink! Still no Up date about the status of your computer????


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Hi everyone,

We haven't heard back from OP on his make/model of computer, nor the status, but it appears that OP (noblink) attempted to connect the SSD drive from his laptop to his wife's laptop and boot Win8.1 from it as an external usb drive through a bridged connection. This WILL NOT WORK!! #1: You can't boot a Windows OS and run from an external usb drive. #2: You can connect a C: boot drive via the sata-usb bridge to a different computer or laptop, and access the file system to recover files from it and copy to the C: drive of the rescue laptop. Not sure why OP even attempted this, if it wasn't to recover files from his original SSD drive onto his wife's laptop hard drive. Perhaps he was testing the SSD's ability to boot Windows as his laptop when returned from repair wasn't booting correctly--he doesn't say. I've seen Clients attempt this before, not understanding that only won't work as per above, it often crashes the Windows of the test PC (wife's laptop in this case).:eek:

In any case, the answer lies in disconnecting the OP's SSD drive from the bridge setup to his wife's laptop and running repairs on the Windows installed in that laptop (OP didn't mention what version Windows that his wife's laptop was). If none of those repairs work, and he was attempting to BOOT from the bridged SSD drive via usb, that can often corrupt the Windows boot sector on the internal hard drive of the 2nd laptop. Running Checkdisk and SFC will usually fix that problem, once the SSD drive has been removed from that laptop. If not, and other repairs have been tried, it may have caused a more serious Windows corruption, which unfortunately would require the OP to reinstall Windows or perform a Windows reset on his wife's laptop which he was trying to avoid. In this case, the answer to the OP's original question is then "NO, it is not possible to fix the damage you did to 2nd laptop without reinstalling Windows".

If OP comes back to this thread, I'd strongly advise him to back up ALL personal data on his wife's laptop to external media (not OP SSD drive from 1st laptop), before proceeding with any of the repairs we've suggested. If the OP did attempt to boot from his original SSD drive with the Win8.1 on it and it did crash the wife's Windows on 2nd laptop, it's very likely he will have to reinstall Windows or a Windows reset. Repair tools often won't fix this particular problem.

Hope that proves helpful.

Hi! I've been on a long business trip and then on vacation. So sorry for the late reply. I ended backing up my data and reinstalling windows. My problem was due to my external hard drive running a chkdisk on startup from what i can tell. I did not find any other solutions for fixing the problem and i'm curious to know even now if there are any solutions to this problem. I tried fixing it and nothing from the automatic repair to refeesh option did not work.
Thank you all for offering support. I did not really expect this. You make it an awesome community!

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That's good news!:D My guess from what you described was like a 90% chance you'd have to reinstall windows on your wife's laptop to fix it and I was right. Glad you got it going, and we appreciate the kind words. This forum is one of the best on the web and I'm glad to be part of it. We help a lot of people for no money, and many have little or few resources. Please spread the word!!


@BIGBEARJEDI :up::worship: This is a great forum and I also am proud to be a part of it.
Nice reply #9
Glad you got your issue solved noblink!


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Thanks, Holdum!! :redface::redface:

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