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Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by Ralph Bromley, Mar 30, 2014.

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  1. Ralph Bromley

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    Jun 1, 2012
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    I know this may a sort of political post here and I know such discussions are discouraged but hear me out.
    Recently Mozilla has gotten a new CEO that is against gay rights and as an advocate for gay rights this is not acceptable.
    In protest I removed all mozilla products on my computer as it has no business on my computer and so should you.
    So I just request this topic to be closed to avoid any real arguments and kept as a reminder for those of us who do support gay rights.
    I take this matter very seriously, and if you support gay rights you will do the right thing by removing firefox and just using iceweasel if you dont like chrome or other browsers.
    I just hope this topic is not deleted as I do want this message to be seen as I know I will not be the only one against Mozilla right now.
    Please mods respect my wishes here as I want this matter to be seen and heard by those concerned about this, my heart here is in the right place but in order to avoid religious and political debates I just request this topic to be locked and kept as a sticky.
    When human rights are at stake I dont fool around, to think Mozilla could hire such a man is beyond me.
  2. Mike

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    This conversation has been closed, out of respect for the original poster. It should be noted, that throughout life, we are all going to meet someone who is homosexual. The reason for this is that homosexuality has existed since pre-history. Irregardless of your beliefs, it is important to realize that the other person you are communicating with is a competent, literate, and emotional human being, just like you. In accordance with our website Terms of Service, we have no tolerance for homophobia or hate speech on this website. Those who wish to engage in such moralistic and ethical concerns should take them to a non-technology website. The official position of this website is that your sexual preference is no one's concern other than that of your partner(s) in life. If you decide to make it more than that, without infringing on the rights of others, that is your inalienable right. This is in line with the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. In addition, many laws and proclamations by civilized nations, around the world, proclaim sexual preference as a human right.

    I know that some of you reading this message will disagree wholeheartedly with my message, and perhaps @Ralph Bromley's as well. Yet on a website such as ours, we can have no tolerance for such discourse. If you are not heterosexual, I personally find that to be none of my business, but should someone ever choose to make it an issue on this website, we shall consider it on case-by-case basis, especially when it comes to a protest post or a message concerning the civil and human rights of a group of individuals with a common situation. For example, it was once the ideal of the conservative wing of United States politicians (Republicans), to protect the rights of the minority. Today, we see a lot of jibber jabber about religious doctrine that has little to no place in the halls of Congress, much at the expense of minority groups.

    The laws of mathematics tell me that almost everyone reading this has met a non-heterosexual person at some point in their life time, and in many cases, if you are homophobic or against gay people, it has probably occurred without you even realizing it. Or, in most cases, you know a distant relative, or someone close, who, in fact, is not heterosexual. Here in my country, the United States, I have read too many times about kids being thrown on the streets by their parents, or quite literally, disavowed, because of their preferences, or genetics, in this area. We have seen violent acts committed against these people because of the way they look, act, and are perceived in public, including some of the most heinous of crimes. This is unacceptable in a free and just society that is governed by the rule of law.

    Should you oppose Ralph's proclamation, I hope that you will realize that you have met these people, that they exist, and that such things are never going to change. While you are under no obligation to affiliate with groups of peope, or individuals, whose personal practices you disagree with, today we now live in the 21st century. I believe I speak for many people when I say that what one does in the bedroom, or who one may kiss whether publicly or privately, is none of anyone's business. It is your right not to associate with these individuals, but it is not your right, as a business owner, to discriminate against them, over something that is, quite essentially, of little or no consequence to you. In fact, from a business perspective, it is probably a really bad business plan.

    With that being said, some of you may not realize the difficulties we face in this area, but in the United States, some areas still struggle from a lack of desegregation that only occurred recently (even in the north), between blacks and whites. For too many people, someone's personal sexual preference is still "a big deal" to them. In the case of non-heterosexuals this involves the taboo and shame they may face their entire lives by coming to terms with a reality they either never asked for or never expected.

    Those who would not only oppose how others live, but would change it dramatically, I would consider to be social engineers, and essentially, authoritarians. In a country that cherishes liberty and prosperity, there should be no meddling in someone's business. Indeed, one of the first coins ever minted in the United States, quite simply read, "MIND YOUR BUSINESS". If only people, organizations, and governments could follow such a simple statement, we would all be better off. The authoritarians are busy arguing over what to do with every part of your human body, and one day, probably, where to install the biotechnology tracking devices (well, that may be a bit overboard, but don't be surprised).

    Now, with that being said, the CEO of Mozilla seems to have his own beliefs. Where this will lead for non-heterosexual individuals, I do not know. I, however, would recommend, on a professional and personal level, that you also use a different web browser, such as Google Chrome. Any CEO of a major organization such as Mozilla, who allows their personal beliefs to destroy the reputation of their organization, one should be wary of any way. I do not see the software making any significant inroads under such type of leadership. We have seen this type of behavior before, and it is simply mind numbing. A wise man once said it takes twenty years to build up a brand and twenty seconds to destroy it. You are witnessing that now. I personally recommend that you use Google Chrome, or, if concerned about privacy, alternative browsers, such as Opera or Safari (the latter is only still being actively developed for Mac).

    Kaspersky has a pretty good list of alternatives right here:

    Remember, you do not have to agree with someone's way of life to co-exist with them or treat them with rights and dignity.

    Kindest regards,
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