Windows 7 browser issue for win 7


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When ever I have a few instances of a browser open and I try to open another it will not open. No matter how many times I click on it. When I close one, multiple instances will then appear to open. What is causing this and how do I fix this.

Incidentally there are a number of browser issues in IE8 BETA. If you can install Build 7022 (only 32 Bit available currently) then this has IE8 RC1 installed which fixes a lot of problems and for this reason alone its worth installing this build.

Unless you have (or are likely to install) more than 4GB RAM then you don't lose anything by installing the 32 bit OS. It's going to be at least a year to 18 months before we'll start seeing a lot more genuine 64 bit applications.

this has nothing to do with IE but rather with how the new taskbar works.

to open another browser windows right-click the icon then select "internet explorer".
firefox is working fine. I don't care to use IE at all.

still looking for help with this issue please?


Could I please get some help with this. It is really becoming annoying having to wait a couple of minutes before a web page will open.

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