BSOD 0x24 (Kernel-Power 41 (63) )

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    I've been using my computer for the past year or so after an extensive wave of issues (wasn't pretty). It's been working fairly normally up to a few days ago when it started to have frequent bsod crashes each day.


    I've been searching the internet for the past few days for a solution, and i've yet to find a working one. looking at the event viewer, it says that the critical error was Kernel-Power 41 (63) )

    Here are the details :
    The 4 minidumps are also attached to the post.

    Help would be appreciated.


    View attachment 033012-20373-01.dmpView attachment 033112-23212-01.dmpView attachment 040112-18954-01.dmpView attachment 040112-19266-01.dmp

    Oh and here are my specs

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    You have Daemon Tools installed
    sptd.sys 8/19/2011
    remove using this utility from here DuplexSecure - Downloads (get the appropriate version for your architecture 32 or 64 bit) and click the UNINSTALL button.
    As well as Daemon Tools Lite
    dtsoftbus01.sys 10/17/2011
    uninstall that as well.
    Additionally you have several old drivers installed on your system the predate the RTM release of Windows 7 or have updates available that you should probably address at some point in time. However;
    My primary concern currently is a potential infection
    agktqx6r.SYS 10/17/2011 .............. I can find nothing anywhere regarding any information on this driver file.
    So I would suggest grabbing a blank CD and this program (again get the appropriate version for your architecture) What is Windows Defender Offline?
    Double click the download and it will build a bootable CD that you can then use to boot your system and fun a FULL system scan for possible infections.
    After addressing the above, if Blue Screens persist, then:
    First make sure your machine is configured properly to facilitate the collection of .dmp files.
    Please read the first post in this sticky thread here How to ask for help with a BSOD problem
    Do your best to accumulate the data required.
    Run the SF Diagnostic tool (download and right click the executable and choose run as administrator)
    Download and run CPUz. Use the Windows snipping tool to gather images from all tabs including all slots populated with memory under the SPD tab.
    Likewise RAMMon. Export the html report, put everything into a desktop folder that you've created for this purpose, zip it up and attach it to your next post (right click it and choose send to, compressed (zipped) folder.
    Additionally, if you haven’t already, please take some time and fill out your system specs in your forum profile area .
    Good luck
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    Hmm, thanks for the advice. I will uninstall Deamon Tools and run a full system scan. If the bsod happens again, I will report back.

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