BSOD and game hangups

Hi all
since the early days of this install of win7 ultimate 32 bit, i have been getting bsod,firstly could make it happen by trying to copy 38gb folder from "c" to "d", now it seems that its getting worse.making it harder,windows doesn't seem to be generating crash logs even though I'm fairly sure settings r ok.

Help please,,Frosty



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Frosty are you still in need of help?

Frosty are you still in need of help?
Sorry for not getting back but its been murder,lost a lot of data but ive had to switch back to an eide drive for os ( d) drive,the sata is currently unplugged and will be tried as a slave.pc was not even generating proper crash dumps so it would have been a toughie but thanks very much for the reply.


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