Windows 7 BSOD - Dump file?

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Hi all.
Need some help folks, PC suddenly Blue Screened ? and from what i caught off screen it appears to be something to do with creating or filling dump file as it displays 1-100% quickly ? then reboots, starts up and after say about 3mins it blue screens again and goes thru proccess again ?

Regards jq


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If you want to view the BlueScreen, disable Automatic Restarts.
Go to Start Menu.
Right-click "Computer", and select "Properties".
On the left side of the page, select "Advanced System Settings".
In the third box labelled "Startup and Recovery", click "Settings".
Uncheck the box labelled "Automatically restart".
Click "OK".
Click "OK".
Wait for the BlueScreen to happen again. You can now see all the information.

(Sidenote: If you're unable to boot back into Windows and change the settings, boot in Safe Mode. Before the Windows Logo appears, press (repeatedly) F8. You'll be brought to a list of boot options. Select Safe Mode.)

If you want a BSOD analyst to view your dump files, use this tool:
Zip up the folder and attach it to your original post.

(Another sidenote; If you want to view your minidumps by yourself, download Windows Debugger [windbg] from Microsoft. Then, to access the dumps, use the same tool ( but this time grab only the minidumps, and there's no need to zip the folder)
(Of course, you can always navigate through C:\ drive to find the minidumps, but hey, W7F tool is so much easier to use)
I have just been informed by brother that the BSOD happened after "setup.exe" - "googlechromeinstaller" was hogging 99℅ of cpu, in task manager, when for some reason decided to create dump file rather than ending proccess! (he,s a nugget of a boy)
should i uninstall chrome?
also when system boots it sometimes stay up for over an hour, others a few mins and then seems to blue screen once i or norton decides to update and cpu is at 99%
Should i load BIOS defaults as i noticed IRQ levels were mentioned in error message

Regards JQ
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