Bsod in windows 7 error

now i have installed windows xp for the moment! i'll need the drivers for windows XP to see what it happens!

Good luck, let us know if you need help.

What i don't understand is how a RAM can be broken if those had a life time warranty?^#(^ Without get there manual and move them. Left like it is from manufacture. This is the question i'm wonderring write now.And one more thing why after 1st boot the screen freez or gave me an BSOD after some minutes then after restart everything works allright without any error or something like that. even i restart him. I can keep turned on 2 days and restart him after a few hours and he will not give me any errors. Just at 1st boot? Why all this happens when i had installed windows 7? For the moment in windows xp works great.This is the questions that wonderring me! Wait for an answer as soon as possible.^:)^ Thanks for your support!:-bd

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Yesterday i have installed back windows 7 and make the right settings from the beggining! Until now i didn't have any errors! Everything works fine. I'll come back if something will go wrong.

why until now i didn't have at least one error or a BSOD error? like i said with my components wasn't anything wrong! all that was it was from the windows, maybe some drivers who won't worked properly and maybe that. Thanks for all the support and for the information. When i'll have a problem it will be posted. The BEST are in this forum! THANKS!

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