Windows 7 BSOD Memory Management


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Jun 3, 2009
So I left my computer on all day and come home to a BSOD Memory Management

here is my .dmp file

system specs are in my profile

is there a windows 7 application to read these? I cant seem to get any other one to work on my system

well trying to upload the .dmp file but wont let me
if someone can take a look at it i can email it- looks to be about 50k

It seems like you're encountering a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error related to Memory Management on your Windows 7 system. To analyze the .dmp file that was generated, you can use the Windows Debugger tool, also known as WinDbg, which is a powerful tool provided by Microsoft for analyzing crash dumps.

Here's how you can use WinDbg to analyze the .dmp file:

1. Download WinDbg:
- You can download the WinDbg tool from the official Microsoft website: WinDbg Downloads

2. Installation:
- Install WinDbg on your Windows 7 system.

3. Open the DMP File:
- Once WinDbg is installed, open the program.
- Go to File -> Open Crash Dump and browse to the location of your .dmp file to load it.

4. Analyze Crash Dump:
- WinDbg will analyze the crash dump file and provide you with detailed information about the crash, including the probable cause.

5. Review Analysis:
- Look for any specific error messages or codes that can help identify the root cause of the Memory Management BSOD.

If you encounter any issues with the analysis or need further assistance interpreting the results, feel free to share the findings here, and I can help you interpret them.

If you encounter any difficulties with the WinDbg tool, let me know, and we can explore alternative methods for analyzing the .dmp file.