BSOD, Now Can't Reinstall Windows 7

Here is how it all went down.
  1. Playing Age of Empires III with my son, game freezes.
  2. Pop out to desk top to see what's going on, Core 3 of 8 is going nuts
  3. After a few minutes of the computer hanging: BSOD
  4. Auto-restart, windows tries to repair itself, repair fails, suggests restoring from restore point.
  5. Attempt to restore from one of the listed restore points, restore fails
  6. Attempt clean install of Windows 7, select drive, files begin to expand, after 59% complete: BSOD
  7. Attempt another clean install of Windows 7, this time no drives are seen. I can browse to see drives but cannot select them
  8. Attempt to restore from restore point but restore points are no longer listed.
  9. Muck around in BIOS. Check RAM, it passes. Can't find anything to do that looks helpful
  10. Search Internet. Surrender.
  11. $1400 computer now a paper weight with pretty blue lights. Can anyone help?
CORE I7 2600K 3.4
WIN Home premium 7 64-bit


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Because of your comment about the one CPU core having problems, perhaps you might think about disabling one or several of the cores from the bios. Perhaps it would issolate one if that were to be a problem.

You might running a Linux Live CD to see if the system will run without Windows.

If you have onboard video, you might switch to that. Or try another Video card.

Maybe take out one of the memory sticks.

Thanks Saltgrass. I pulled out the 2nd memory stick. Boot still failed. However, the next time I went in to the bios, I saw that the system recognized my OCZ 90GB SSD, which it had stopped doing previously. I tried another clean install of windows 7. It worked. Reinserted the 2nd memory stick. Everything worked fine. Noticed I only had 19GB of 90GB available. Found that windows.old folder was the culprit. After checking properties of the windows.old folder: BSOD. Fortunately, windows still booted. Tried twice to delete window.old folder via Windows Disk Clean Up, BSOD both times. So the good news is, the system seems to be running fine. The bad news is, my SSD shrunk by 80 percent. Is this clearly a problem with the SSD, should I send it back? It is still under warranty.


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You are saying your system will not boot if you remove the Windows.old folder? This should not be a problem, maybe taking a snipping tool picture of your disk management window and attach using the paperclip would help us see what might be going on.

Did you delete the $Windows type folders that are hidden and should be removed if you use the Clean up system files option.

I do not run an SSD, still waiting for somebody to send me one for testing :rolleyes:, but can you see anything in your bios that might change how the devices are handled. Have you found any special procedures to be used with the drive? I have seen things like changing the page file location. If you have Win 7 Ultimate, perhaps not allowing the language updates to be installed.

I don't really see a way the drive could be confused with system memory, but strange things do happen...just speculating because of the memory stick needing to be removed.

I was saying that I was unable to remove the Windows.old folder. Whenever I tried, I got the BSOD. Anyway, I took the machine into a tech today. The SSD is bad. Plugged it into another machine and it could only identify the SSD intermittently. When we ran a benchmark on the SSD, it under performed spectacularly and then died. Gonna send it back to OCZ. Thanks again for your help.

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