BSOD very often..

For the first time since I built this computer nn years ago, I started getting BSOD's and abrupt shutdowns.
For reasons I won't go into right now, I discounted Windows or drivers as the cause. It all boiled down to
hardware failures.

It only took one look at my motherboard to know the reason. It was those bulging 6.3vdc capacitors on
the 5v bus.
I changed out those (six) caps last week and have had NOT ONE hiccup since then.
It's amazing all the hate and discontent that a few bad-caps can cause.

I've tweaked and tuned Windows XP for the very Optimum Performance and crashes of any type are just
not in the 'Program'. I keep my PC surgically clean and defragmented, so there's no need for BSOD's.



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My motherboard is in top shape as are my components.. never had any trouble with XP.. but windows 7 seems not to run as good (drivers and etc...) that keep making me crash..

It's kind of a fact, more than an urban legend, that some computers just don't like Windows 7 (if they weren't built for it.)
I know that's hard to take, especially if it's your computer.

I was in stark FEAR of that, when I first tried Win-7 on my own home-made PC. But not to worry, my old PC runs Win-7, Ultimate 64 like it was meant for it. It even runs "Peppermint". All on separate hard drives. Go figure.

I wish you all the best of luck figuring out what's going on.


PS: Just an afterthought. Have you tried setting your BIOS to "Safe Defaults" ??
I try not to leave any rock unturned when troubleshooting problems in a PC where everything seems to be OK.


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Alright we can close this thread up... I'am now running a hole new setup... Only components left from old PC are the Power Supply - Case - and HDD lol... I've never seen a single Blue Screen since.... hahaha! So my guess is that my older Pc was just never meant to run on Win 7.... CASE CLOSED!

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