BSODs during intensive usage

For roughly the past two months I have been having recurring BSODs which point to various files as the culprit (mainly ntoskrnl.exe though nvvad64v.sys has also turned up more than once, and dxgmms1.sys and hiber_amdsbs.sys have also cropped up).

I don't always get a BSOD, however. Sometimes the system will simply hang and need a hard restart, or the display will go completely dark and audio will cut out (again needing a hard restart). I don't know how to gather data for that sort of crash so I've only included crash dumps from the BSODs but I'm assuming they are related.

The crashes happen most reliably when I try to do something demanding such as having multiple video tabs in Chrome open simultaneously while using Skype/Google video chat, and the system lasts no more than 5 minutes when attempting to play a game like Skyrim, however the crashes also seem to occur randomly (though less frequently) even during light usage or when no programs are open and the system is just idling.

The only real changes to my system that I can think of before the crashes began would have been Windows Updates, however my system restore points seem to have been deleted for some reason so I have no been able to go back to before the crashes began.

System Specs:
AMD Athlon II X4 630
nVIDIA GeForce GTX 650Ti

W7F diagnostics, CPU-Z screens, and RAMMON html readout included.

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The problem with ntoskrnl.exe is not a true problem, because it's a part of Windows that is in contact with "everything" - it rarely causes own problems, it reacts with other problems.

nvvad64v.sys is a Nvidia driver, dxgmms1.sys is a video driver that connects to DirectX, hiber_amdsbs.sys is most likely an AMD power saving one. I'm not sure, but if you have AMD hibernating running together with Windows hibernating, it could cause problems. You also seem to have USB issues.

Not knowing it all, I would first try to recall what has happened during the past two months. Perhaps uninstall everything newer than that?

Secondly, turn any power savings off; first AMD ones, and if it doesn't help, Windows ones too. Hibernation is known to cause problems, and in some cases it can turn on = turn off functions, even in the middle of it all.

Heat is an eternal issue. It can cause all sorts of trouble. Gently apply a vacuum cleaner, or pressure air from a can.

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