Windows 7 BSODs with various errors


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I have been getting weird random crashes....

Latest one was corrupted memory one

My viewer program shows this on 4 dumps:

Other ones had these two on 1 dump:

This on 1 dump:

This on 1 dump:

Somehow my administrator privileges are not working right and it will not allow me to attach the .dmp files here.
Using the tool provided through
you can still get your minidumps (under most cases).

ntoskrnl.exe points to a very broad range of problems so until we get your minidumps I don't think it will be possible to see the problems (if you could give us anymore information eg: what you were doing at the time, any software/hardware you've installed in the past month or so etc.).

nvlddmkm.sys is your NVIDIA graphics driver - I'm pretty sure the 29x.xx - 30x.xx drivers had some problems for many people. This should be a fix
Guru3D - Driver Sweeper - A free tool which lets you fully remove drivers from your system. In my opinion much better than Windows Device Manager for clearing all the drivers.
Download and install Driver Sweeper.
In Device Manager, under the Graphic Adapters tab -
Right click the relevant graphics card and under Properties and Uninstall.
Reboot your computer in to Safe Mode.
Once you're in Safe Mode, run Driver Sweeper and check the relevant driver boxes: NVIDIA
Chipset, NVIDIA PhysX (even if your card doesn't support it) and NVIDIA drivers.
Then click Analyze & Clean.
Reboot your computer once more, and test for bluescreens.

dxgmmsX.sys (X is a number, usually 1, but sometimes 0) is your DirectX driver - download and install the latest drivers from Microsoft.