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Business firms that have moved to Windows7 have had different experiences after the fact; but their reasons for moving to Windows7 have also been varied. Here we look at some successful moves and what convinced the business unit to make the move.

Gameware is a company sells team-branded bracelets, necklaces, key chains, and MP3-player, cell-phone and smartphone cases that are made from the same leathers and stitching used to make baseballs, basketballs and footballs. For Gameware, which had thousands of documents and images, misplacing any of them could create retrieval issues. But the Windows7 search feature made that problem disappear. Now looking for documents, images, or audio feeds can be easily located. Gameware

Gameware - Product by Sport - By Team - By Occasion

Dewey Pegno & Kramarskyis a New York based law firm that moved to Windows7 in large part because of the Aero features offered in Windows 7. Having the ability to work with multiple windows simultaneously adds to their productivity. That is one thing that this law firm wanted – to compress operation time so that legal documents to work with would be accessible quickly.
Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky LLP - Litigation Law Firm - New York City

Essential Apparelis an online retailer, and the fact that there were no required hardware updates made the upgrade to Windows 7 an easy decision.

Essential Apparel - Clothes for Men - Women - Kids

According to Bob Mayer, Essential Apparel’s president “… because Windows 7 can run on the same PCs we were using for Windows XP, moving to Windows 7 effectively extended the useful life of our older PCs.â€Â￾ Touch and search also had an influence on the decision. To date, Mayer estimates that they have saved $20,000 this year in capital spending.
The many features of Windows7 have provided different businesses with the reasons to upgrade, but it is the customizability of the product that encourages users to look for new ways to work and be productive.
Source: Microsoft PressPass

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